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Anno 1800 Land based combat.

I know many ppl does not want land based combat in Anno 1800. But I was thinking about a very simplified way of making it.

It would work the same way as you take over an island with sea based combat, that is destroy the harbor and the island is yours. But here you would make one building like "City hall" one destructible building, nothing else on the island would be touched by the invading troops.

So a small game play scenario.

You have built your barracks and have 50 farmers that you don't use for the moment, so you make them to "Private" units (First rank) and load them 50 in your "Ship-of-the-Line" and sail over to and enemy you would like to attack. when you are close to the coast you get the option to "invade island" when you press that button the attack will begin.

An animation of rowboats from the Ship-of-the-Line will start and each rowboat would hold 10 units that would start moving to the shore and then walk/climb/move towards the city hall.

The defender also had a Barrack and had 30 farmers converted to privates to defend the island. they would move towards each other and then engage each other when they are in close proximity.

The attackers would win and have 20 privates left, that would continue towards the city hall and attack it until it explodes the same way the harbor would do if it was attacked by boats. Unless they can create more defenders and win the battle.

you would not be able to control these units more than to abort the attack if you notice that the defending army's is to great. all these units will only move and engage each other when a land based combat has begun.

some army ranks.

Farmers – Private

Workes – Corporal

Artisan – Sergeant

Engineers – Captain

Investors – Major

Canons? (would only be handled by Captains) (would be nice if the defenders have build defensive fortifications)

This would also open up the option to have maps that is all landbased

TLDR: It would work like a simple tower defense game.

This is just something I have been thinking on and I wanted to get it out of my head.

I don't want this to be too complicated, I just want it to open up more options when playing the game and make it more fun.

Please comment and share your idea's!

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