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Anno 1800 Random Defeat screen

Hi all; I ran into the following issue yesterday in Anno 1800 – upon research, I found that this can be some kind of a bug, but my latest finds were older than one year.

After ~10-11 hours of (not consecutive) game time, the game randomly hits me with a defeat screen where my only option is to go back to the main menu. I did not have any win-conditions enabled. I was playing on expert against Mercier, Margaret Hunt and Admiral Silva. The admiral and Mercier were way behind me both in economy and military, while Margaret had a military score twice as high as I did, but her economy was slightly behind me. I just finished the airship hangar in the arctic and was developing my engineers on my home island, when the game was suddenly over. I had many islands and ships, none of the shares were bought and I had ceasefires with every AI (including pirates).

I tried reloading the game, but that only meant that I was kicked back into the main menu 5 minutes later.

If this is some kind of a bug, it can be game-breaking and really discourages me to start a new campaign to lose after several days were involved in developing my islands. If there was some mistake on my part, please tell me because I'm willing to start again, but not with risking another 10 hours.

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