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Anno 2700: I wanted to share my ideal Anno game with you guys

Game setting: Post-apocalyptic world that starts basic and savage like 1404/1800 and ends like 2205 but even more high tech.

First world islands are colored simmilar to Tundra from 2205 DLC. Setting is like Tatooine from Star Wars. Post-apocalyptic, sand, shriveled trees, inaccessible land due to radiation. Civilized society extinct for 300 years due to combination of bio terrorism, war, viruses and moronic politics.

Some islands must have 1 or several vault doors in the mountains like the ones in Tundra, but for humans.

AI varies from chaotic evil raider to 'cute and crazy' genious that just came out from a vault to explore.

Pirate is a raider that just raids and can't even talk proper english. You become friends through quests and moral choice of giving him either half of your population as slaves or going to war.

I know its an anno game and it needs gold/credits, but post-apocalyptic world doesn't work well with established economy in any logical way. Bottlecaps make most sense, but in later tiers they will just lose purpose.

So my best idea is population as currency. Life expectancy is increased with met needs, net growth or a decline,all depends on provided needs and cultural buildings. Making a house should give you 2 scavs to start with. Single organized stat that works as currency and production requirement, but unlike 1800, there will be a mechanic that can exchange tiers of citzens for half the need (e.g. Farms require 20 of tier 1, 10 of tier 2, 5 of tier 3 population) There will be some production chains that are capped at what tier citizen they can use for the sake of houses diversity.

Tier 1 basic citizens:

Scavengers/Human remains type of low tier village people that live in post-apocalyptic shelters. They need a city center that looks like Megaton from Fallout 3 and it gives you immediate boost of 50 population and some population growth. Basic needs like glowing mushrooms and mutated dolphins (fish). Maybe some basic cloths/scavenger rags from two headed penguins.

Tier 2 Settlers:

Army like organized humans,but more advanced than scavs, just to get started on Iron, Steel, tools and weapons.They live in more stable structures, 2-3 story high watch-tower building. Food will be mutated cave animals(think unidentified human species from Raised by Wolves) with some veggies.

Farms are a ofcourse a possibility, think mutated corn, mutated soy beans, any kind of weird GMO foods with large Anno 1800 1×1 type of farm fields.

Purified water is needed. Cultural buildings can be anything from comically exagerrated circus with colors and puppets to savage mad max fighting arena.

Shipyard produces iron ships like steam shipyard's battlecruisers and trading ships.

Tier 2's last need will be a cultural building, maybe Radio station ( Three dogg anyone?) that requires excess production like iron beams, VERY noisy one. So noisy that it attracts the attention of the vault dwellers and the vault door opens, upgrades are possible now.

You will be able to advance your settlers to these old-world tech specialists that kept all the old world knowledge under the rocks and 2000 tonnes of steel door. Their timeline should be before war/nuclear devastation period atleast 100 years, so they aren't that much advanced(23rd century?).Either cryo sleep or degenerated offspring of the once civilized society, whatever makes more sense.

Tier 3 Vault dwellers / Old world remains:

Only unlocked on islands with Vaults on them, so either pick a vault island early or take over an island with one.

Their needs can be throwback to 2205/2070 as easter eggs idk.

Cultural need: Post-apocalyptic variant of old world entertainment places (give me your best in comments)

After 10+ hours of trying to answer the needs of your growing scavs, army and vault dwellers population comes the fun part:

At some point lets say 1000 Old worlders you get to build a Interplanetary communication monument in 3 phases like a huge radio tower that is still post-apocalyptic type of building, but built with the old world knowledge and engineering.

You connect with an AI from Titan (moon of Saturn)

Just like Sir Archibald Blake and Isabel Sarmento, they provide you with a forgotten unmanned ship with residents in cryo sleep and mission to explore Titan(Name is placeholder, its anno world afterall).

And we go to the fucking space.

The AI is lonely, you know the type of AI that gives you a dialog line that the last time he spoke to someone was 300+ years ago. Remains of people can be noticed across island that were once researched as humanity's last hope.

There we setup a struggling colony, that has access to 25th century tech, latest and greatest before humanity maxed on the stupidity need. Their tech is more advanced then the old world tech.

Tier 2 Old world's synths

There is another vault like mechanic again on several islands, but the residents are synthetic humans as tier 2 citizens. They need synth mods, organic oil and 1950s american style clothing. They can walk arround the city on Titan and act like humans as per programming, but also provide goods like quantum computers and methane energy cell type of fuel.

You can have docks to build ships and it will make sense to build boats there because u can't sailt through space. There are many areas to settle after all its a cold planet with liquid methane ocean and islands of ice. Local wildlife is not poisonous to humans after it gets processed.

An old evil AI corsair shows up to disrupts your progress and gives you hard time, but becomes frendly if you just talk to him and give him synth mods once in a while.

Titan could have a under water (deep ocean) mechanic to it, I've read and watched youtube videos about it being friendly to humans in terms of temperature.

Next tier in the post-apocalyptic session:

Tier 4 Engineers:

They have a production chain for rockets to supply the new world on Titan, rockets fuel by uranium mines, left open to tap into by the world before. Food will be more sugary and ofcourse quantum computers from titan. Their production chains can produce energy cells for your next level ships with tesla cannons.

Flying cars are a production chain to satisfy engineers's needs.

Helicopter transporation of goods requires generation of Helicopter goods.Helicopters are a production chain. Works same as electricity boost, maybe better.

Energy cells can be produced to enchance farms with vehicles and energy tools just like beloved DLC Bright harvest does with tractors. Shit. Gets. Serious.

Tier 5 Researchers.

No investors this time, we dont need do-nothing-old-farts by the billions to sit there and just invest lol

Same as Land of Lions DLC, we get the right endgame and some logical reason to have them is cleaning more islands, clean the water arround the island, change core game mechanics and just provide the ability to have proper and balanced end game.

Their weirdest need is a costruct that taps to the island vault doors to research old world tech, thus requiring you to take more islands and fight your enemy NPC for their precious vault islands.

Needs can be from robot AI servents to special foods

They allow production of relandable rockets that provide easier transportation of goods between Titan and main session.

Extra content can be Mars, Moon, Venus or inter-stellar space travel with FLT technology to Alpha Centaury. Please discuss 🙂

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