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Arctic tips

Some tips for the arctic. The first one might be new for some:

  1. It used to be impossible to dump items you got from golden loot boxes from an Airship right away. You had to fly over water first. Now with Enbesa you can just donate the item to get rid of it.

  2. The inuit trader sells most of the raw material you need to provide for enough population to get all the gas. You don't need any Huskies, bears, pemmican, … I built all the production buildings on the plateaus. This saves me the space for the workforce on the normal islands.

  3. If you use clipping for the gas, there is 3 distinct orientations for two lodges to share a common point in their radii:. In one line with the grid, about 30 degrees, about 60 degrees. Build two lodges with a gas mine in the middle for each of these and then use the copy tool and rotate to try out all possible layouts. You can get almost all the gas mines in the influence of two lodges each.

  4. For easy scrap farming without needing 100 airships, I have 4 airships on control groups 6 to 9 and then one on 0. I then send the 4 airships in one line and use only the last one to collect the scrap by using shift+click (adding a waypoint). This way I have only one with all the scrap, I can just let the 4 ships reveal the map and not always diverge from their path. I go one time around counter-clockwise and get almost all the hidden area.

Hope this helps some of you that also find the arctic tedious.

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