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Bug? Most music tracks don’t get played

I am finding the music in Anno 1800 to be extremely repetitive. At first I thought I was just being picky, but now I think it may actually be a bug…

Looking at the soundtrack files at the following location (C:Program FilesEpic GamesANNO1800BonusContentSoundtrack) there are 64 tracks in total. Roughly 20 of these are for special situations such as fires, plagues, ship combat, expeditions, etc. The remaining 40 tracks seems like they are all-purpose background music.

The problem is, I only ever hear 1 or 2 tracks per region.

For example, in the Old World it seems like the only track that ever plays is "Sun-tanned Faces"

In the New World, I only ever seem to hear "At Night the Forest Sings"

Is this the expected behavior, that there should only be 1 song per region?

After 50 hours in game, I would estimate that I have only heard about 30% of the game's soundtrack. It's just the same small collection of songs repeated again and again and again. When I stumbled across the game's soundtrack folder, I was amazed at how many excellent songs there are that simply NEVER get played in game.

As a player of previous Anno games, it also occurred to me that the music should change based on the level of your settlement. For example, a different song should play when you reach artisans, engineers, investors, etc. But this simply does not happen. The game just plays the same few songs regardless of settlement level. The soundtrack includes some songs that actually seem like they were written for this very purpose. It just appears the game is not integrating the full range of the soundtrack properly.

I have heard people say "just turn off the in-game music and listen to Spotify instead." However, I like the dynamic behavior of the music in game. I just wish it was making proper use of all the tracks.

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