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Difficulty setting for beautybuilding and mods…

Hey all.

Somehow my save file got deleted when it merged with a multiplayer game for whatever reason. Tried to fix it, but no, it's gone.

That said. Now I need to start over. Meh. I was wondering what difficulty setting people play. I usually play on advanced with Margaret and Silva. Scarse resources. Low money earning etc etc. I never made super giant cities though. Best thing I did was level 52. I do like "beauty" building though, does playing on scarse make me able to make more and pretty cities? Obviously there is plenty of islands in the old world.. but the new world, is just the new world. Would playing with scarse items screw things over late game where there is simply to few resources to make a lot of islands?

What settings do you beautybuilders play on? Untill now it was beautybuilding/advanced for me. But does this work very late game?

Aside that, how does playing with mods go? Does it slow down or lower fps by any bit playing with mods? I take it all these assets need to load in extra, making the game run more unstable?/fps drop. I mean I got a pretty beasty pc, but even without mods in end game theres a big difference between just starting the game, or being in one for ages.

Thanks, hopefully I will get some meaningful answers.

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