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Docklands’ fences and paths update broke your earlier fence and path setups.

Apparently with the Docklands update, almost every fence and pathing tile in the game has been replaced by a new, random tile from the same set.
These new tiles respect how the new automatic placement would place them, but did not take into account what tile there was before if the autoplacer would pick another type of tile.

If you didn't know, you could already pick and choose fence (and obviously, path) tile ornaments by placing a large amount or turning a type of tile until you got what you want, then move them using the move building function. The tile would keep it's exact ornament ( f.e. "cyprus at edge").
The ornament selection functionality was also removed with the patch, as now, moving a tile between same-set tiles will alter the tile to a random one the autoplacer thinks fitting.

These are two screenshots I found where the changes are clearly visible:

Before Docklands. Notice f.e. the two opposing hedge endings on the lower left, forming a 2-tile entrance.

After Docklands. Opposing hedge endings have been replaced, and bench-lantern paths were randomized. As were hedge ornaments.

Before Docklands: The fence corner forms a direct connection to the engineer house.

After Docklands. There's also no way I know of to now control the fence ornament.

I know this may not affect many players, but I have literally uncountable incidents of this all over my Continuous Game savefile. Most of the setups are were far more compliacted than these.
I dont think this can be fixed for me, as I've just noticed a few dozen hours into playing the Docklands DLC and Im not even sure Ive got a savefile older than that. Maybe Ill try to fix what I can by hand…

Anyway, this doesnt seem like it was intended and rather just an unfortunate oversight, but I felt that I should post it here. Hopefully this will be fixed.
Kinda ruined my day and maybe I'll help someone avoid that by mentioning it.

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