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Does Eli not refresh his items when there’s a ship nearby?

Basically, the title pretty much sums up the entire question:

I started up a new game today and decided to build a schooner that serves basically no purpose but to sit in front of Eli's prison so I can buy items whenever he has something I want to have. However, after he didn't refresh his stock (unless I rolled, that is, but the price didn't reset either) for a while I decided to wait for the timer to run out and… nothing happened?

He still didn't refresh for quite some time so I decided to try moving my ship away, wait a few minutes and all of a sudden he did have new items and the cost of refreshing was reset to 5k. However, I've rolled a bit since and left my boat in front of his prison again, because I thought I might have just misunderstood what the timer means and had unlucky timing, but it seems like he's refusing to refresh again.

Do those traders not refresh their items while you have a ship in front of their port? It's been ~1 hour (on speed 2 and 3, mostly) since I first bought items from Eli and he only refreshed his stock (without me paying for it) once – when I moved away. Is my ship the problem? Does it just actually take that long for them to refresh and I just had the worst timing with moving my ship away? or is there something else that's wrong with my Eli?

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