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How to organise trade once youve grown kind of big

Once you have more than 8 islands or so in each session, OW, NW, CT and the arctic, how do you organise it efficiently?

In between sessions: from what i heard, hub/transit islands are the meta, is that right? So each island from that session brings all goods that need to be exported to one hub island with 20 depots and piers and this hub island is the one that trades with the other free sessions?
Or should there be a hub each for every other session, i.e. three islands in the OW, one each serving as a hub to trade with the arctic, new world, and cape trelawney, respectively.

Within the sessions: There seem to be several philosophies there:

Turning the entire session into a roundabout so each route touches every island and brings wares from the one before. This one hurts in my brain. So the route would need to take into account that each island in the chain needs to produce something the one after it needs. Maybe its easier if you have ships going both clockwise and counterclockwise.

The sunray approach: All islands in the session trade with the hub and nothing else. This seems easy to organize, but at the same time you really need a LOT of piers to do this. I dont even know if its possible once you really start producing coffee in bulk.

The chaotic approach: Just let it grow naturally and never streamline anything. My current setup. Its no THAT inefficient tbh but when you come back to a save after months it is really hard to get into it again, its all just chaos, a spaghetti bowl of trade routes.

The multi/sub-hub approach: two islands serve as distributors from the main hub, if an island on the eastern half of the session needs brass or whatever and an island in the eastern half has brass, they will trade via the sub-hub and not use precious capacity at the main hub of the session. Seems like a sensible compromise to me

I know this is getting kind of autistic, but i have 54 islands in this save and i dont want spend 10 hours to implement a concept thats doomed to fail.

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