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Let’s talk and post pictures about residential layouts

Hello Annoites,

After I wrestle back my latest save file's Crown Falls from Princess Qing (*cue: "yup, that's me, you might wonder how I got here"), I'm planning to rebuild a new one. This save file is "multiplayer-coop enabled" with an eye to beauty, but of course it'll be nice to have some serious functionality as well.

My previous Crown Falls used 10×10 grid quite intense. It kind of looks bad honestly.

I'm here now to ask for pictures and discussion about new ways to layout residential areas and/or Crown Falls and other metropoli. What have been your most beautiful and useful layouts? It can be piecemeal units, or larger schemes.

There are some layouts out there already but I generally dislike them.

I prefer sensible efficiency. Therefore the ones with double the public services don't seem that effective.

Generally, is it also sensible to basically put the houses almost all inside Town Halls? Even if you don't use the Egineers-for-influence palace perk, later on, it can be useful to put population increasing items into the town halls to increase your Palace Wing count. Thus, I'd argue, I want nearly all my OW dense/investor population under a town hall, which is a circle or diamond ash shape.

Then comes the issue of making a layout that also fits 4×4 town halls with a road connection (for palace). I suspect either place it right at the center, or the 6×6 type grid is the most space efficient.

I'm thinking of making housing in town hall bubbles, then using the areas that are outside of the bubbles to fill in public services, parks, green space, etc.

Every so often, and especially on one of the crown falls island, it'll be nice to have a big park space. To break up the monotony of continual residential houses. (Sorry Anno Union, but we REALLY need more variation in housing look, yuck.)

However, along with most of the housing being efficient, it would be nice to have some variations to breathe space and design into the city. My recent 10×10 grid just looks… so blocky.

(Outer road usage is mathematically suspect.)

10×10 grids are highly inefficient: 100 spaces (+42 outer roads/2 approx = 21), but 81 are filled and 19 are "lost".

9×9 grids are more efficient: 81 spaces, 72 filled, 9 "lost".

Yx2 rows are most efficient, losing basically 0 space. However, there may be an upper limit to Y to avoid complicated outbreaks. For lower-class, that's definitely around 4 or 5. For investors…. not sure. Anyone know? HAs anyone tried 8×2, 10×2 giant rows of investors? do they get sick/destroy public service ranges due to lack of roads or have other problems?

5x2s seem to be very efficient, and keep outbreaks to a minimum with reasonable road connectivity. Also allows for many different public services to be slotted in.

I've used pinwheel 5x2s around a town hall. And it also provides places for public services in the gaps.

I've seen some people use giant Yx1 with trees and promenades also. A startling effect. Not as efficient, but certainly breaks up the monotony.

I've seen giant 9×9 configurations where the first center 4 9x9s are used for public services, then the other edges of the configuration blends into like 3 3x2s

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