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Season 3 QoL suggestions

Hey, I wanted to share my ideas for the season 3 pass QoL Features:

– Some kind of ingame note pad feature. I think 1404 has this in one of the public buildings.

– Queue for items to be created in the Research Institute. Everytime the last item is finished, I have to think about items I need next, build one of them for 10 minutes (or more), after which I forget about the other items I wanted to build. Would be great to be able to add multiple items into some kind of queue. Maybe they could implement this as unlockable queue slots using my next suggestion?

– Some kind of late game money sink. Judging by my own save games and watching some streams, every player is swimming in money in the late game. Even more now since you dont have to roll for items as often.

– This scenario is also happening a lot: Your ship is at island A and you need stuff from Island B. So you instruct your ship to get to island B. Then you forget about it for 30 minutes and get reminded of it when you check again if the items you needed are finally here but they still are not. Therefore, it would be great to instruct all this at once: go to island b, get stuff and return to island a. Maybe this could also be done with a one use charter route kind of feature?

– The new feature that allows you to send ships to specific islands in other sessions is great, but it would be even better if it allowed you to send your ship directly to the NPC islands as well.

Just some things I noticed that I would like to be added.

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