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A Message To The Devs

I want to start off by saying this is the very best first person shooter I have ever played. And when I say that I really do mean that. This game has some of the best gun play and by far the best movement of any FPS that you can play. That's why I continue to play it every single day. Sure, I play Rainbow 6 Siege and COD Warzone as well, but it's not every day and Apex always comes first. That's why I have over 4k games and who knows how many hours worth of playing invested into this game. It has brought me some of my best moments in my video game life (Like when I finally got the 2k damage badge) and some of my most raging moments (and I honestly barely ever rage) but that just proves how much I care about and love this game. But as of late some of my favorite streamers and some of my friends have started to move on to Warzone. I realize it's a new game and there's lots of hype around it, but they're playing it and honestly, it looks like they're enjoying it more than Apex. Within its first week Warzone had solos, which the community immediately asked for and right off the bat it had cross-platform. Honestly, while I like Warzone I haven't gotten into it because personally I dont like the gunplay or movement. It just feels stiff and I come back to Apex and it's so fluid. But anyway, people are now comparing it to Apex and they're getting frustrated with the lack of new content. Now, I'm not one to complain. I honestly dont care if theres no new content for a few weeks because the core game is enough. Of course, I'd prefer more content but you are a relatively small game studio and I try to be understanding. But it seems like to me that the things people are asking for aren't that much to ask. I realize I'm ignorant to all the work that goes into a video game, but most of these things are already in the game. Here's the basics of what people are asking for:

Solos, Duos, other LTMs

Balance changes for characters and weapons between splits to shake up the meta

Do something with the evo-shields. Either buff them or spawn with them

Map changes

Cross platform

Again, I have never worked on a game in my life and I realize I dont understand how much work goes into a game like this, but I would start with cross-platform. This needs to be the #1 priority. Whenever someone says something about making solos of duos part of the game permanently you always come back saying you are worried about queue times. And while I, and probably most of the community wouldn't mind waiting a little longer to get into a match if solos or duos were permanent, some people might so I understand where you're coming from. If this game would be cross platform though, it would make the queue times 3x faster and alleviate the added wait time as well as make it overall more accessible for everyone. Honestly, I think in order to keep this game from falling into obscurity you need to drop everything and get this done because its holding Apex back from its true potential.

I do think that the next step should be permanently adding duos into the game. I dont personally love solos (I prefer duos because in solos it's just Pathfinders everywhere and this is a squad based game) but if it brings in more people, I'm all for it. I would also rotate all the previous LTMs weekly, and occasionally add new ones. It would keep the game fresh every week without creating any more work.

I think that this split should have come with nerfs and buffs to characters. It's a new map, the meta will shift. Currently, Gibby is extremely powerful and Mirage, Crypto, and Revenant are underwhelming. We needed balance changes to these characters with the split and we didn't get anything.

Honestly, I like the maps where they are but map changes would create hype. I understand that this is a huge undertaking though. I dont believe that we need map changes as much as people think.

Evo-shields are a great concept, but in practice, they dont really work. I would let us spawn with them or buff them. They are underwhelming and there's almost no reason to pick them up over a normal shield because I know I'll find a blue or purple before I get the evo-shield to blue or purple. I dont pick up evo-shields unless they're purple in someone's box.

I know you've heard these things over and over, but I dont want Apex to die. The community has been asking for these things for so long. I dont want to sound like I'm complaining, because I'm not. But for the longevity of the game I think that these things absolutely need to happen. I know you look at this subreddit and I hope you happen to see this.

Please, I don't want this game to die.

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