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Banned while on vacay?

I am sick of EA. Long story short – I haven't been playing Apex Legends for ~20 days and came back just to find my account banned. DAYS of trying to reach out the costumer support and when I finally get there (took my ~a week to get an actual response, that's a fucking non sense), I get same template answer – my account banned for using software/cheats. Spoiler alert – I haven't. I then searched for EA emails on my inbox and I found out that I've got banned on feb 28th. That's ~ a week since I've played last time.

I was asking for a proof, but of course they don't give one. Because they simply don't have one, as I wasn't cheating nor I was even playing during that time. I don't know what else to do. Account has 100+ hours, I spend some money on it and they just come up and ban it without a reason and without an ability to investigate.

Any experience with this? Their faulty system falsely accuses people and instead of fixing it they keep banning innocent players. This is BS. Not that I can't create new account (which any cheater would do in the first place instead of using high level account he puts 100s of hours into), but I don't want this to happen again to anyone. You put your time into something and then they just take it away whenever they feels like doing so. And it's a huge mood killer, I am not sure if I ever want to risk playing some game by EA just because I never know when their fail-of-a-system strikes and bans my account. Without proofs nor chance to appeal.

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