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Heirlooms should come with a finisher using the heirloom and should be shown in the victory screen.

As many before me, I am under the impression that a voice line and banner pose just doesn’t cut it for an item that is 1/500 or $180.

A custom finisher having the legend use their heirloom seems more appropriate as well as a custom Victor pose with said heirloom when you win with that character.

Examples: Wraith throws her kunai into a portal punches the enemy in the gut and then the kunai comes through a portal above into the enemies face. Wraith picks it up and walks away. “Maybe next time you can try a bit harder”

Lifeline plays the drums on your skull+doc and the last hit electrocutes the enemy with a big BANG. “Don’ think they liked my solo Doc…”

Caustic does a swift uppercut with his hammer and then a devastating downward motion like in his banner frame. “What goes up, must come down cough cough it’s science”

Mirage places his heirloom on the floor and does the “Mexican hat dance” around it as his decoy while the enemy cheers/claps him on. Only to have Mirage appear behind him clapping along. Scares the enemy to have them fall on the Trophy impaling them in the face. “Well, i tried to have fun, guess you like dying too much”

Pathfinder and Bloodhound have finishers with their heirlooms already (more or less with Bloodhounds basic one and Pathfinders 1-2 punch thing) although I do think they can get some cool custom ones. EDIT: Bloodhound throws the axe up and as it’s spinning in the air we see bloodhound and Artur beating the shit out of the enemy until it falls down into their chest. Artur then brings the axe back to bloodhound

Octane stims himself with his heirloom running around the enemy player while stabbing the enemy with his heirloom very fast. The enemy then collapses when octane finishes running and they leak the green stim fluid on the floor. “Death truly does catch up to everyone. Except me of course”

There’s plenty of options for these custom finishers and I think they would be a great addition to the mix. This would also give more incentive to purchasing the heirloom as many would covet a special finisher they can use on their unsuspecting victims.

Sorry if this isn’t the place for this just wanted to share my ideas.

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