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What I would change about Octane.

So we all know that octane is in a strange situation. He is by no means the worst legend in the game. Yet at the same time he is one of the least versatile legends on the roster. His speed boost and jump pad are nearly one dimensional, his passive is more an offset to his active ability than an actual quirk.

The community , affectionately or dismissively, refers to him as a discount pathfinder. A redundancy at best.

I feel that is a good way to describe his problem. He does not properly distinguish himself from pathfinder. He needs things only he can do.

Thus I would propose some changes.

First: if the jump pad is just a less useful zip-line, then make it something he can frequently use. 90 seconds is simply too long of a wait for what is essentially.. the privilege of jumping higher. make it 60 or even 45 seconds. Make its real utility its reliability in that octane can almost always expect to have a pad ready for a fight.

If the passive regen is just there to make his ability work.. why not expand its synergy with his ability.

I give you "Can't stop" a replacement to "Quick mend". In addition to having the passive regen: when Octane uses his Stim he is completely immune to ALL movement impairing effects.. powering through them on a pure chemically induced rush. He is no longer slowed down when shot, he is no longer slowed down by arc stars, he is no longer slowed down by caustic or wattson traps ( although they will still harm him) .

This will enable him to aggressively push through planned defenses like the nutter he is.

This could also potentially open him up as a counter to building camps along with wraith. Something path is decidedly not good at.

And of course we need to address his wierd hitbox.

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