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[CHAPTER 5] Any help with the storyline?

So, i've just finished chapter 5, and my mind just couldn't fully understand all of that. I'm gonna put here everything I managed to digest, if there's something I misunderstood or something you guys would like to add, please, feel free to help.

Here we go:

Mama and Lockne were conjoined twins in the womb of their mother, after a surgical procedure while they were still in the womb, that changed. They're both prodigious physicists who have born with a kind of DOOMS that allow them to telepathically comunicate with each other and feel whatever the other is feeling, they were both responsible for the creation of Q-Pid and the Chiral Network (Hardware: Mama, Software: Lockne). Mama couldn't produce eggs to bring a child to the world, and Lockne coudn't bear a child in her own womb, due to an equally fisiological issue, that wasn't a big thing until Lockne fell in love with a Bridges working man, that guy died in an accident, what made Lockne depressed and suicidal, Mama could feel that, thanks to their special connection, so, in order to help her sister, she came with the idea of artificial insemination. Using the deceased man's frozen sperm, Lockne's eggs and Mama's womb, they succesfully made Mama pregnant, expecting Lockne's daughter. Things started going south when Mama was in a hospital, just about to get a c-section and give birth, then a terrorist attacked the hospital, bringing the whole building to the ground and Mama was crushed under the rubble of it. She managed to survive by drinking timefall, but days were passing and no one went to her aid, it is implied that she ended up "giving birth on the other side", generating a harmless BT tethered by a spectral umbilical cord connected to her. Hearing the BT crying, the Bridges workers finally rescued Mama, but she was limited to the site of the accident, not being able to leave. Ashamed and fearful with the event, she cut her bond with Lockne, that made Lockne confused, she thought Mama runned away, kidnapping her child, they never talked since then. When Sam needed Mama to persuade Lockne to allow the connection of Mountain Knot City with the Chiral Network, he goes to Mama's lab, once there, it is revealed that Mama created a new functionality to the technological handcuffs, this functionality consists in a blade imbued with Sam's blood, attached to the handcuffs, that should be used to cut umbilical cords of BT's, sending them back to the world of the dead, Mama then asks Sam to free her from the bond she had with the BT child of her sister by cutting the umbilical cord, Sam agreed, the BT passes away. After that, we take Mama to her sister in Mountain Knot City, but when we get there, we can see Mama is dying, the big reveal: Mama was "dead" since the hospital collapse, but her soul became stranded in the Beach and her body became stranded in the world of the living, Mama was hiding this fact by never properly using her handcuffs, because if she did so, her inexistent vitals would be perceived, the connection with the BT child kept her body present in this world, and also kept the BT child stranded in this world, once the connection is severed, Mama's body started to leave, but since Mama and Lockne share the same Beach, this allowed Mama's consciousness to merge in Lockne's body, and then they finally became two individuals in one body.

Now here's the questions:

1 – Drinking timefall didn't age Mama because the water first hit other things and then drop in her mouth (becoming just regular water in the process), or it is because aging is a thing of the living, and she was already dead since the begining of the collapse?

2- She gave birth to Lockne's child while still alive, and just then the child died, becoming a BT, or she died, went to the Beach, gave birth there while dead, making the child a BT, stranding her own soul there, and her body here in the process?

3- Why Mama wasn't able to leave the site of the accident?

4 – Why the BT child was harmless?

5- Why the contact with Mama's body and the antimatter of the BT child didn't cause a Voidout?

6 – What happened to Mama's body when she merged into Lockne? It merged too? it ceased to exist?

PS: Sorry for the long post and the lots of questions… and the not so great english, I'm not a native speaker, thank y'all.

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