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[Endgame] The thing about Higgs.

Just finished the game. I loved it, big time. I can overlook some plot-holes and inconsistencies because I get what Kojima wanted to deliver, and hell, I had a LOT of fun playing it through.

But there is this thing on my mind that's bugging me and I wanted to share it. It's about Higgs. I know there's a lot of posts about "what was Amelidget doing working with Higgs?" And I get the "Bridgelie was kinda torn apart on her EE role" answer, mostly. BUT:

What would happen if Higgs character was completely erased from the game? What would change?

Plot-wise, I'm afraid the answer is nothing, but maybe I'm missing something here.

Obviously, "terrorists" of some sort are necessary to make the lie of Woman in Red being held against her will. But Higgs actions have no effect whatsoever on the plot. The "terrorist menace" could remain faceless and inconcrete all the way down and it would work even better.

POTUSEE needs Sam to connect the chiral network to bring beaches minds together. Wich he does. Or else, to avoid extinction. Wich he does. And Higgs was, at first, working with her, so actually he never tried to stop Sam. But even when he decides to turn on Bridget, he basically walks huge BT's around and tries to.bomb cities, wich may be mass murder but not on an apocalyptic scale.

His powers over BT's are inherited from Amelie (sorry, run out of aliases), and as far as I understood the whole thing, these powers don't play a role in bringing the final Death Stranding about. I don't even see what does he try to accomplish by making a giant humanoid BT wear Amelie and himself as a band-aid. A void-out? He would not even kill Sam permanently, right? Actually, is she even there? What's the point, from Higgs perspective, to make Sam think she's in mortal danger, when he is already trying to connect edge knot to the network?

I understand the need for a charismatic villain, but halfway into the game I was pretty sure that the only real antagonist was Amelie herself, so Higgs seemed kind of a toll to pay to have "badass bosses". But a villain with no clear goals except being creepy mean is a major bullshit villain, on a dramatic level.

Any thoughts?

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