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[Episode 5] I can’t be the only one who made this horrible decision

So there I am getting bitched at by Lockne thinking it is Mama in a big coat. I get the email saying go talk to Mama, I look at the map, look at the clock and realize I have like 45 more minutes to play.

At this point in time I decide that I'm going to use the Fragile jump for the first time. I feel bad because I hadn't used it yet, but I had a long way to go and not a lot of time to do it. So I jump to South Knot, grab a trike out of the Garage, and drive to Mama's.

Cutscene is nearly bringing me to tears while also giving me a great tool against BTs. I walk out and the Higgs cutscene starts. I enjoy listening to his scenes, I'm not worried about anything because I have been carrying 3 packs of custom hematic grenades for like 10 hours of playtime waiting for the next Higgs scene so I could stomp it and walk away.

The Higgs cutscene ends, I smile at the cute doggy, hold 1, and all I can do is piss on it or slap it with some string. My heart sinks, what the fuck happened. FUCKING FRAGILE JUMP.

If I had bled Mama's location of resources like I did everywhere else in Episode 3 to build the damn roads I would've been 100% fucked. Morale of the story: build fucking blood bags and weapons after every Fragile jump, or just fuck that shit in general.

TL;DR: Used my first Fragile jump to go talk to Mama after making it to Mountain Knot. As a result I had literally nothing for the Higgs BT fight after carrying custom hematic grenades for almost the entirety of Episode 3 and 5.

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