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How did you choose to end your journey?

I got my plat yesterday after 100 hours of thrilling and heartbreaking moments.

I got the chance to hear music for the first time in 50 hours when I reached the cliff next to timefall farm to grab a chip. I thought I would never hear one of those beautiful songs pop again during my trip. I almost cried.

Before I turned in my last memory chip, I offloaded all my stuff, including my exo. As I was welcomed as Sam Porter Bridges, I gave one last like to the sign in front of me and entered the building. Die Hardman thanked me for the chip I turned in.

It was time to get some well deserved rest. As soon as I got outside, I sat down at the foot of the mountain next to the weather station. BB and I watched the inverted rainbow in a surprisingly sunny sky as I played the harmonica.

It was a beautiful moment, even if I knew that because of the bodies I left behind in one of my last deliveries, the voidout would wipe away everything and everyone after the presidential inauguration.

I did everything they asked me to do… but I wouldn’t let them take BB away from me. Soon, Lou, Amelie and I would reunite on the other side.

I wanna know how you chose to end your journey.

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