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I came up with a ‘mode’ for Death Stranding that I’d like input on.

So for me, this game turned out a bit too easy for my liking on hard mode, so I came up with an idea.

Survivor Porter Mode.

Here's what I got so far, and please don't hesitate to ask questions or offer additions to what I have.


– Generally when playing, Sam is only permitted to use tools and materials found in the field and

use only what's picked up during orders to use to make deliveries. This games needs a hardcore

mode like this or something similar, so I thought this was fitting. I like the idea of understanding

the true value of the tools and equipment we use and plan strategically what we need during

deliveries. since most of the time we can just make stuff without necessarily worrying about

having the resources. This "mode" was created in mind of only completing the main campaign

on the 'Hard' difficulty.

NO use of Online mode.

- Getting help from other players online kinda defeats the purpose. 

NO fabricating tools, weapons, equipment, etc.

- You are permitted to use tools, weapons, or equipment when given to you by NPC's. ie. Before deliveries are initiated, a client gives you boots or a ladder or grenades. - Using tools, weapons, and equipment given to you by other porters is allowed. - Using tools, weapons, and equipment stolen from MULE's is allowed. - Using tools, weapons, and equipment left over from and during boss fights is allowed. 

NO use of facilities to source metals, ceramics, special alloys, etc.

- Structures can be built and used, but only made by materials found in the field. Materials found can ONLY be placed in private lockers or postboxes. Already placed structures by NPC's are of course permitted to be used. - You CANNOT use materials obtained from recovery orders, like 

ONLY use vehicles when found in the field.

– Once you've reached your destination, you are to scrap or garage your vehicle.

– You are permitted to steal MULE vehicles if you choose.

OPTIONAL adjustments to your settings is up to you.

– For HUD settings, I only have 'Show Markers' enabled. Since Sam can see his

health and equipment status on the Cuff Links when you pause, I think this

makes it feel more authentic to this mode. Sam has audio cues for when in pain,

thirsty, tired, and stamina in water so it works out.

I think I covered enough for a basic ruleset, so please leave a comment on what you think or if you have any ideas. Keep on keepin' on!

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