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I hate and love this game

First, sorry if this stuff is something that was already being said by someone (also sorry for my English because is not the best)

As some one who really like out there gameplay I really love this game where one of the most challenging stuff to do is cross a river or climbing a mountain. I also really love needing to balance my stuff and control the movement because inertia. And finally I just like the idea of being a Courier in a post apocalyptic word.

But also I hate all the… How to said with out sound like a asshole… All the Kojima stuff.

The weird and poor symbolism, the dumb plot with weak undertones, the out of place stars and product placement, the design of everything that look from a fashion show and not something that a normal person would use and the under explain stuff that you need to dig in a wiki to understand.

I can understand why people love the uniqueness of this elements, but also I can't stop desiring a game with this gameplay but also place In a more familiar post apocalyptic, o meaby in another period like the wild west, the colonization of a new place.

With out much more, I just hope that my opinion is not to wierd or hated and would love to see if I am the only one that feels the same

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