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Ludo-narrative Dissonance: Consumerism, Materialism, and the Porters of Death Stranding

Is the UCA all it appears to be? Is every package absolutely necessary to our survival in the hunter gatherer sense of it?

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"We work jobs we don't want to buy shit we don't need to impress people we don't like." said Tyler Durden (who for all his bluster ended up as a 1/6 scale fully poseable consumer product no one needs * go ahead look it up I swear it's real)

After 165 hours of Death Stranding with no end in sight, i was wondering what all my effort was building toward, and despairing at the possibility rattling around my head that there might be a bitter pill lying in wait that paints Sam as a tool of corruption or consumerism/materialism (or something less than noble). Some cheap twist.

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What if the terrorists in the world of Death Stranding were really the heroic rebels?

Because this didn't sit right, i picked at the scab and here's where i hit

The video led me to this free ebook from Seth Godwin called Stop Stealing Dreams.

Together, these steered me back on course toward meaningful discoveries in-game and beyond in real life.

So, if you're mentally hung up on what the heck Death Stranding might be getting at beyond the immersion and the challenge. Check them out.

Thematically, i think Kojima san is getting at a lot about masculinity and society. But i'm no longer convinced the assertions of the movie Fight Club apply to the world of porters and the Death Stranding. Why?: three reasons

1.) the world changed a lot since 1999….

2.) Schools, jobs, and institutions failed the society of Norton's and Pitt's characters in the movie so of course there was a catalyst for their rebellion.

3.) Sam's world is post industrial and information flows freely. Sam is a product of the Connection Revolution–which is a real-life phenomonon consisting of the intermingling of communication devices and databases.

* Briefly put, Sam lives in the world that Fight Club's characters could only fantasize existing in.

But it could be real for us, if we get a handle on our tech. The connection revolution is online and it is happening to us in real life.

Just thought I'd share that cathartic experience of discovering.

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