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Not a discussion but I just want to appreciate this game which I kept on hold for 10 months. (some spoilers i guess)

I bought the game in November last year, played it till chapter 2 and stopped. I enjoyed it but never got time to sit and play it again. Then, I started to hear negative criticisms about the game how you just deliver and it is so monotonous. I started to think that maybe yeah it is just a normal delivery game and wasted my money 🙁

Now after 10 months, I was just thinking about the game, and wanting to go back into this world which I just left without knowing the ending.

I am honestly glad I came back to this world, sometimes the silence during the deliveries are so peaceful then there are times when music plays and I am just in awe. The upgrades are really helpful honestly. Now I just want to play the game for hours, it is so addicting to deliver lol. Seeing the criticisms now, I think they are missing out, but some games aren't to everyone's liking and we gotta respect that.

I am still on chapter 5, and i am enjoying it so far, cant wait to reach the end. 😀

Chapter 4 tho I am in normal mode and I had such a hard time bcoz I am shit at aiming and firing. But after 5 tries I think, I finally did it. I didnt mind it bcoz it was fun and challenging too. I was like i am just normal deliveryman haha :')

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