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Novelist’s Son Issue

I encountered the Novelist’s Son near Mountain Knot City after finding a lost package that was his. I can’t connect him to the chiral network, nor will any packages I have for him make my star rating go up with him.

I read online that you have to wait for an email from him, and then read it. I got one, then read it, but the star rating STILL won’t go up. I’ve progressed the game thinking it might help, but I’m in chapter 7 and still nothing. I have about 70 packages just sitting around waiting to be thrown at him and I can’t use them.

Anyone know any fixes?

Update for anyone else who has the issue and Googles it:

This was a silly one. None of the other preppers are like this.

  1. To activate him, you have to find one of his lost packages and deliver it to him. He will send you an email sometime after. Open it.

  2. Once you’ve opened that email, do another delivery to him. He has one already in his terminal; it should be a retrieval from a nearby Terrorist camp. This won’t move your star rating up with him. He will again send you another email. Open it.

  3. Do ANOTHER delivery to him. This will make him create a contract with Bridges. He will thereafter send ANOTHER email. Open it.

  4. Do one final delivery, which will cause him to officially join the UCA, and will open him up completely for deliveries.

If you bring him any deliveries before any of these emails are opened, his star rating won’t go up, so your deliveries will be for nothing. During these steps, only deliver ONE order. Delivering any more other than the first will also not increase your star rating. If you have a million packages for him, store them away until these steps are complete. Do these steps, and THEN you can deliver them.

Pro tip: you can trigger emails by sleeping in your private quarters.

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