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Okay… someone please help me understand… I got questions…

I just beat the game after 150 hours… not joking that's what the game log said after beating it. So spoils are open, I did the pizza room, I did EVERYTHING

Now… I'm kinda upset that the story wasn't through the game, just misleading until you're spoon fed for almost 2 hours… but whats the deal with Higgs? Can someone explain why just not use him? Why give him powers in the first place when she could just turn them off? Just to provoke Sam to help? is that really it????

Not to mention isn't Sam in a way the actual EE??? bringing him back from the dead triggered an extinction event? giving people dooms and killing millions…. just not the "big one"

Plus… how is the world so messed up in assuming 40 years tops? Sam's like 35-40

Why are there Mules in such a short time?

What was the point of Mama and Heartman? besides to explain the plot? and finding Sam at the end of the game?

ANYONE ELSE creep'd out about Deadman in the shower???

How is Deadman alive? how is he him? why is he Frankenstein? Why is this never explained?

What's the deal with Cliff and why does he feel forced into the plot like Higgs? They're both like side sorties?

Why was Sam such an asshole to Fragile on the beach? … or just at all through the whole game? because he lost his wife?

Why the weird Princess Beach line and that run?

I could have forgotten why do to how much time I put into this. There's also so many emails I have probably forgotten some details to be honest

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