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[Spoiler Episode 8] Absolutely loving this game, but I wish they would change this one feature

Hey everyone, I only just started this game cause it came out with terrible reviews from friends and ppl I follow, but I am now absolutely LOVING this game! Everything just works perfectly and scratches an itch for a game that I never knew I had… except…

I'm 45 hours in, but there's this one mechanic I really hate – when a BT catches you, there's very little punishment besides the minor inconvenience of losing your top few cargos, and the tar circle of dragging men is too easy to escape from. Additionally the punishment for falling down and being forced into a boss battle vs an enemy that cannot possibly kill me, like ever.

If it were up to (and a lot of you might disagree), but I would make the tar circle from being caught by a BT wider, make it so any vehicles in the tar get lost permanently (like falling in a deep river), and finally if you're bad enough to actually fall in the tar, then you get swept away, you see a cutscene of a giant BT eat you and cause a void-out, like in the Prologue, which will disintegrate all the non-essential cargo, send you to the Seam and force you to repatriate. It'll be cool if this localized void-out would destroy any nearby structures you've built and if it scatters all cargo for delivery in a decent radius to force you to go collect them, or alternatively force you to go back to base and get new delivery items.

What do y'all think, and I'm sorry for not checking if this has been suggested before, I'm just scared of spoilers past episode 8 (heartman)

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