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Long time lover of the series since 360. Finally got the game but I need some advice on choosing a difficulty and if I can customize the controls to the OG setup.


I've played through both old games multiple times, got the good endings, beat the arena challenge many times. I always play on max difficulty because I value the tense combat, scare supplies(because I like to explore and not being able to pick up ammo is annoying) and no HUD. I dislike only having 2 guns, it leads to a lot of indecision and frustration. Despite playing through many times I always end up buying a gun I find 10 mins later.

About the no HUD: I have no problem playing the old games with no HUD, I know the switches and prompts, but idk if this game has new switches/mechanics/action prompts I might get caught up on with no HUD and no knowledge of the game. Not knowing the new button combos might also be a problem with no HUD.

Custom Controls-

So I don't get why they changed up the button combos for the light, mask, charger, etc. It keeps throwing me off, I can't remember the controls. I tried customizing the controls but the first control I went to change, the flashlight, said the button was already taken and not available. L1+Triangle/LB+Y. Is the original controller setup not possible? Has anyone else tried to do this? Should I just learn the new one or is there a near-identical-to-the-old-games custom setup I could use? I hate having the UI pop up on the screen unless I prompt it with the journal/map like the old games but because I don't know the combos, I need it.

Any other little things you could advise me on about the new meta with resources etc for someone coming from the old games would be much appreciated! I'm so excited to see how the plot plays out. The exodus from the metro is hella cool. I purposefully didn't look at hardly any gameplay or info. I will say I don't like what they did to the Watchmen although it is significantly for terrifying. Nor do I like what they did to the Colonel. Man was a true presence before. Anna is certainly beautiful but her original character model looked more Russian to me, like the diamond in the rough of radioactive humans. Now she looks like a Disney princess. At least Uhlman is safe from the changes…

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