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Antique map undiscovered areas?

I have noticed looking at the antique map in the travel section of the idols that there seem to be areas with faint name tags compered to other locations they have their name tags highlighted for example "Ashina outskirts" and above that the same written japanese outlined with black borders. These fainter versions have no such black lining nor a translated name, but the kicker is you never get to visit them. Furthermore when you look at the antique map at the start of the game a lot of the areas are covered in mist, which upon visiting the location reveals the map in its full beauty, except for the areas with the faint name tag, which will be covered in said mist. This is all speculation, but could these be future dlc areas? I have no idea, but I felt the need to share this odd tidbit about the game, not sure if this had been pointed out before tho.

As a point of reference, if you don't know what I'm referencing to when saying "faint name tag" you can look at the map and spot two faint entities one on the map: above the Senpou temple and the otherone is left of Ashina outskirts and below Hirata Estate look it up from the game's antique map. (there is one also below Ashina Castle, but I think it's kind of obvious)

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