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Baby’s First FromSoftware game

(I hope I picked the right flair, let me know if I need to and how to fix it. I'm not good at Reddit…)
Hey all. I got this game back in July but wasn't able to play it due to hardware issues. My new computer runs it beautifully at max graphics. A huge improvement, gaming has never felt or looked so good. My mind has been blown again and again by how each game runs. I've been playing this game over the past few days and am loving it. This is probably the hardest game I've played so far, but it's nice to slowly learn each fight until I can win. I got this because I played the heck out of Celeste and Hollow Knight, figured I'd get into FromSoft with this one. I'm still trying to learn what games I enjoy, hopefully I'm on the right path. I beat Gyoubu and Juzou last night, stuck on Lady Butterfly and haven't advanced like at all past Gyoubu. My only problem with this game so far is Lady Butterfly's freaking illusions. I found the 5 seeds in the valley and got the one from the dying dude in front, but I ended up wasting half of them because I didn't know when to use them. I know I can do the fight without the snap seeds, but I'm still really upset that I basically need to use rare consumables in order to have a good shot at the fight. Other than that, I've just been loving the game.
Besides all that, I'm curious about something. I feel like recording some gameplay and uploading it here for some tips. I'd love to retry boss fights, but that'll have to wait, it seems. (Just realized I could just start a new game, also wanna try to win the Genichiro fight) I feel like I dodge too much. I was all about parrying early on, but somewhere along the line I just stopped in favor of dodging everything then counterattacking only when safe. Boss fights go really slowly for me, I may need to get aggressive. Any interest in that?
Can't wait to play more. Might do that now since I can't do schoolwork because of some glitch. I really should catch up but this game is just too fun.

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