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Blind-Playthrough with demon bell activated before Lady butterfly and Genchiro

I know I am late to the party but I finally saved enough money to buy Sekiro last month. Now 60 hours in, and nearly 40 Bosses later on Isshin the sword saint so no spoilers; But I just have to say now this has been a wonderful journey and probably the most fulfilling I have had in a gaming experience in a very long time. I grew up with games like Tenchu and Onimusha, and this was like the best of both worlds! I immediately fell in love with the challenge and because of the Grandmaster shinobi(my wife) challenged me to not look up ANY guides whatsoever, even for exploration, it has given me an experience I will not forget! I’ll admit the only guide I did look up is the Great Carp because I knew he was killable just didn’t know how. And now being at the end game (and also a completionist I looked up a bosses wiki just to make sure I checked off every boss, with supreme satisfaction I actually thought of the same tactics) game of the year for me! Also I activated the bell by accident and curiosity! Lol and then I stuck with my decision! My question to the community? What would you change about the game? What was your first experience like? No spoilers please 😬

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