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Charmless NG done – report card and where next?

Charmless run has been very interesting, it's almost like learning to play the game all over again. I have beaten all 13 bosses and all mini-bosses now.

Top 2 bosses that gave me some trouble in order (2 because the rest were no problem)

Isshin sword saint – he gave enough trouble to make me start a thread about it! the most annoying part was my posture damage wasn't being very sticky in 2nd phase. Luckily I figured a neat little trick thanks to forum member with using mortal blade at start of phase 2 to get some damage in so the posture damage stuck better and cut the time of the battle.

Great shinobi owl – the battle would be lot easier with a bigger arena for phase 2 but I guess that's part of the challenge. previously I never cared about him heal blocking me I just attacked through it. but here it really mattered because of that huge chip damage on missed parries. Also his sword has a crazy range, its practically an ultra-great sword that he swings with speed and agility of a katana. That's surely cheating but then again ISS earth bends a spear. so all is fair I guess.

And a honourable mention to True corrupted monk. I have never actually died to this boss till the charmless run. only boss I have killed without dying even once till the charmless run. took me 3-4 tries to workout parrying her properly. then a couple more to actually beat her.

Tbh the mini-bosses have been really hard for me. So much so I made a thread out of it!

So where to next?

NG+ charmless+demon bell run or NG+4 charmless+demon bell run or something else?

or may be just wait till October for the update….

I really want to learn using prosthetics a bit more and also use more combat arts. Especially things like mist raven which I have never used, high monk which is so useful but I go back to ichimonji because its so familiar and a godsend for managing my posture in many boss battles.

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