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Don’t upvote this! But finally!!… again

I just had to channel my nervous energy somewhere because a few days ago I was explaining that I got this game in July and loved it so much! 10 days or so later I got to the first owl encounter and I was stuck. I figured I wasn't good enough as far as my reflexes and timing, etc. Guides couldn't help me, in fact I did worse trying to replicate different things I saw. And so frustration got the better of me and I gave up, which I've never done before. Very depressing feeling so 4 days ago maybe, I said screw that, I love this game and I'm gonna play it! So against first owl I did what i hadn't done yet and that was to try whatever I thought was a good idea and after all night I beat him! Well next day I found out that I had to do it again for the ending i wanted and I thought okay cool! But for the last 4 days it was like deja vu. And it was a worse feeling for some reason to not be able to progress, so once again I said forget these guides, they are for ppl that are already good at games, and I did it the only way I knew how with no cheese, just what the game had taught me to this point. The hardest habit to break is the deflecting instead of dodging. Once I broke that habit, it became a different kind of fight and so the point to my rambling is that I love this game for many reasons, I'm glad I can say that I didn't give up, and really just to say thank you to you outstanding Shinobi out there on reddit who always give me wise words and even encouragement from time to time! And thank you From. I love every From game I've played so far!

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