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Finally beat Sekiro after 82 hours!

This was my first FromSoftware game that I finished. I have DS 1-3 and Bloodborne but never got to play them fully. I did only some test runs.

Now back to Sekiro. I knew this game was notorious for the extreme challenge but oh boy I never expected it to be that difficult! This was by far my most exhausting, frustrating, struggling… gaming experience I've ever had. I never hated a game more but in the end I kinda loved it that I was able to beat it. Alone the adrenaline rush I've gotten after beating Genichiro on top of the Castle and then the Guardian Ape to finish it off after countless runs against Isshin the Sword Saint. My heart was pumping hard! This was also my proudest gaming achievement because in the end I learned to deflect, jump and dodge just by using my instinct. My reaction time improved immensely because other games didn't push me to the limit like Sekiro did.

Will I play NG+? Hell no! I need R&R. The only thing left to do is kill the "mini-boss" Demon of Hatred but that looks even more difficult than the final boss. I don't want to torture myself further right now. I'd rather be at peace knowing that I've beaten one of the more challenging games out there. Maybe someday I will dare to complete that last optional boss challenge but for the moment it seems impossible. I can't get even past second phase.

Now my question to the hardcore players here. How did you find enjoyment in this game? Most of the time I felt like that the game is using cheats against me. Most bosses kill you in one or two hits but you have to hit the boss over and over again just to kill its first phase. The worst part is you end up fast without healing items. I felt the game is way too punishing. There should have been a "normal" mode even for FromSoftware standard. I felt like the game starts at hard mode from the very beginning and it gets only harder from that point which ruins the gaming experience in my opinion. A game should be fun. Not frustrating.

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