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First time play-through questions [early game spoilers]

Hey folks,

I'm playing Sekiro for the first time right now. Just so you know where I'm at, I completed the Hirata Estate memory and defeated Lady Butterfly. Then I got through the Ashina Outskirts area and just got past the Ashina Castle Gate bull fight. I also went to the reservoir, collected that spear piece, and I also inadvertently discovered the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance and Ashina Depths where I promptly got my teeth kicked in. Anyways, I had some newbie questions if you don't mind indulging me:

  • Why did I fight Lady Butterfly? If I was following the story correctly up to that point, Sekiro was on his way to rescue Kuro during a bandit attack on Hirata Estate. Doesn’t Lady Butterfly also serve Lord Kuro? Wouldn’t both she and Sekiro want him removed to safety? So why did she put Kuro under an illusion spell, and why did she fight Sekiro? If this is revealed via the story later on, then I’m good with that

  • Speaking of Lady Butterfly, after I beat her I received a battle memory that allowed me to increase my attack power at a sculptor’s idol. I noticed that the memory itself is listed as an item in my inventory with a maximum quantity of 99. Does that mean I can keep challenging her and keep getting more of that item to increase my attack power? I got the same thing with Gyoubu

  • What is the Bell Demon? I keep hearing about it in this sub. Is it revealed via the story later on? Did I miss it?

  • Lastly, any advice for a first-time play-through? There is a lot of talk on this sub about multiple endings, and multiple play-through’s. Should I look up any guides or anything to make sure I maximize my effort, or should I just go in blind my first time?

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to read all of that (if you did lol)

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