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Genichiro Ashina guide/help

So,this is for the newcomers that want to try their hand at sekiro but end up getting whacked by gen.

So to start off,limit how defensive you play heavily because he's a very brutal boss if you only play defensively.

He has 3 perilous attacks that are in variations but with easy tells. His grab is extremely close range and very easy to avoid,he will sheathe his sword to attempt it.

His swipe,this is one of 2 attacks that can happen randomly. You know he's going to do this when he starts to run around you instead of attacking,he will come from his right side with the sweep which is also heavily informed with the kanji above. Merely jump over it and stomp on his head for good posture damage.

The tricky one,his thrust. His thrust is going to be a perilous attack you see often,sometimes he'll do it out of the blue but not before he gets into a low stance briefly,the other one is when he jumps up and slams his blade down,he'll either go for a sweep or a thrust,the thrust is easy to see as he keeps his blade to the ground. Thrusts will be the bane of him so long as you mikiri counter properly.

His bow shouldn't be a problem if you keep on him so dont give him a chance to breathe unless you want 4 arrows in your body.

Still here? Good,he has a hidden 3rd phase.

The lightning of tomoe. This phase is the easiest in terms of how badly he actually screws himself over with his attacks.

You will need mist raven to do a certain action,that action is the lighting reversal. By using mist raven as he attempts to zap you,you will go into the air with lighting in blade that you throw back at him,severely crippling him for a good 3-5s. His attacks remain the same so keep that in mind,the only difference is that he will spam lighting attacks.

He will also start off with a huge thrust attack which is prime for mikiri.

I hope this helps newbies so they can quit complaining about getting stuck on their 2nd skill check boss.

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