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Now this is a mother fuckin sword fight!! I’ve only managed to get to the lightning stage a few times so I’m still learning his moves and behavior. This fight has been so much fun! I’m kind of having a hard time getting frustrated? The first two sequences, when mastered(and that’s been easy for me seeing as how he’s killed me countless times) give you such a sense of accomplishment. It’s a head rush. You feel so fucking bad ass. I got to the top of Ashina Castle for the first time and looked into the pagoda and thought I saw Genichiro. As I approached I got the cut scene, of course, and thought for sure there was no way I was fighting him. There had to have been a mistake. I’d only just finished Lady Butterfly, I got schooled and scared away by Headless and never went back. Both of the Snake Eyes ladies made me run away after multiple tries. 7 Ashina Spears, well, he didn’t actually give me too much trouble. And let’s be real the Elite Ashina in the Dojo and a fun, but perilously easy fight.

I digress. Back to Lightning McQueen.

There was no way I was ready for Genichiro. This must’ve been another cut scene like the first one from the beginning of the game. Maybe he’d take another limb? Who knew. Not me. Then, the fight started and I was like awww fuck it! Let’s go! There’s no way I’ll win so let’s see what the next cut scene is! Maybe we’ll see some Divine Heir Blood powahhh. Newp. I actually got to his second phase first try. Once I was in his second phase, it was another story entirely. Over the next 20 or 30 minutes I learned his moves and was able to really put the pressure on and knock out his first phase with no damage. I was unpleasantly (at first) surprised by his third phase. That sweaty palm, shaky knee feeling of FINALLY landing that second death blow only to find he has a whole other form, which at this point is so fucking gnarly that I’m no longer upset. I’ll have his head by the days end.

One thing about this game that I adore is that it doesn’t tell you a god damn thing. I mean, yeah, it does, but that’s not what I mean. You have to learn when to be aggressive and when to be passive. When to sneak and when to go full blown rogue shinobi and put as much pressure on your opponent as possible. I died around 6 or 7 times to the Loneshadow Longswordsman and each time I got more and more aggressive. Less and less timid, finally unrelenting and going at him with everything I had for as long as I could. It made me laugh out loud. This game really makes you feel the power of the character you’re playing. Each new upgrade is a real genuinely useful addition to your kit. I’m obsessed. The pendulum of reward and punishment swings extremely far and wide in the land of Sekiro. Lemme go see about a weather vein at the top of Ashina Castle real quick. I’ll check back when he’s wasabi.

Send me spirit emblems through the ether.

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