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Getting good now

I must admit I’ve never played any other FromSoftware games before Sekiro so I didn’t entirely know what I was letting myself in for, I’d read reviews and saw people saying it was punishingly difficult and almost unfair in places but I just put this down to them blaming the game for them not being very good and then I played it and was starting to agree.

I really struggled timing my parry and deflects at first and I’m not ashamed to say I struggled on the very first mini boss because of this and let’s not even talk about General Naomori Kawarada as I must have tried to beat him 20 times before finally managing it, after that I just practiced my combat using the idol to rest and reset the enemies and then carried on. After this i managed to beat the chained ogre in 3 attempts without using fire (I did the Hirata estate afterwards as i hadn’t found the bell from the old lady at that point.) it then took me three attempts at the Shinobi hunter and only two attempts at General Tenzen Yamauchi, it was around then that everything has just sort of clicked and made sense all of a sudden I have just beaten Gyoubu Oniwa in five attempts this evening.

I’m not sure if I’ve got luck on my side to have these mini and full bosses done in so few attempts if I’m just getting better but it feels so good to play all of a sudden.

At what stage did you feel as though you were making progress though or has the game always been a bit easier if you’ve played other FromSoftware games before?

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