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Help Me Love Sekiro

Hi friends. I'm a Souls-Borne fanatic having played them a ton, earned platinum trophies in all of them, and really fell in love the worlds. I'm having trouble finding the same affinity for Sekiro.

For some reason that's not OK with me. Probably because I still really appreciate the artistry of the game. But I feel like I'm missing something and Sekiro is just not clicking. I'll play in short bursts but it doesn't stick and I'll step away for a big period of time. I think I've actually gotten pretty far, having defeated Great Owl and Corrupted Monk most recently. I've killed giant snakes and many decapitated apes.

  1. The game is still really difficult for me. Like, to the point where I don't know what I can learn from. It's frustrating. Even normal enemies are a huge chore and upheaval.
  2. I almost never use prosthetics. I just never see opportunities where they would benefit me more than deflecting and attacking. And I don't understand the prosthetic upgrade tree – all the options seem useless.
  3. I rarely use special abilities. Mikiri Counter is really the only one I use reliably.
  4. I'm getting relatively old (35) so maybe my threshold for difficulty and precision is just getting lower (please say it isn't so).

Anyway, I'm hoping to get tips from other poor hollows that went from the Souls-Borne franchises to this game with success and better understand how I can enjoy it more.


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