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Hirata Estate 2.0.

TLDR at the bottom, y’all.

Well, I couldn’t help myself as you might’ve expected. I started my first NG+ run immediately after it gave me the option to do so. I know I’m not the only one. The games been going great and I feel like an absolute killer…..but.

I would like to speak to the manager about the return to Hirata Estate. It seems as though someones cat walked across the keyboard at the design stage of this level and put its paw on the difficulty button for too long. Three trolls, a bunch of grunts, three ninjas, a vile hand, a gunmen, and Juzou all separate you from the main goal. That’s if you’re lucky enough to get past the Vilehand boss with a den of 3,000 wolves that he’ll continue to call even after you kill them.

This is sucks. I finally did all that yesterday and aside from the first Vilehand (who I happily cheesed after too many deaths) I did it straight up. I even beat Juzou straight up. Kinda.

But Owl? I mean, you guys, you girls, are we all serious here? I’m not gonna sit here and say the game is broken. I’m not gonna sit here and say there’s cheating happening. Or blame anything other than my own skill set, because obviously this can and has been done. I’m just not sure I’m the guy to do it.

It’s a marvel of a fight, though. It’s the first time, in my memory, that a game does this to you. Because, for lack of a better term, that sumbitch is cheating. I know earlier I said I wouldn’t say that, but he is.

And why wouldn’t he? He’s a fucking villain! Thee villain! I’m certain there are other examples but their failing me at the moment. All I’m trying to say is, there are few times that we see a villain stop their monologue and do what a villain really would do: stop at nothing and use every resource at hand to dispatch the opposition.

Think about every fight you’ve had in this game so far. For the most part there’s an exploitable strategy, not cheese either. There is a hole in the armor somewhere. You use firecrackers and fire. Smoke and mist. Shurikens and axes that set people on fire. You literally have a fucking mortal blade that will take the life of the undying. For me, this is the first time an end game boss came at me with all the same shit that I would come at them with. Deceit, tricks, shadows, and…yeah. Cheating. It’s a fucking fight to death. Winner takes all. If we were Owl, would we wait for Sekiro to attack? Would we keep doing the same moves over and over again even though we can clearly see him counter it and follow up with an attack? Fuck no! We’d adapt. We’d get sneaky. And tricky. And win.

That’s all he’s doing, and honestly it fits his character. Isshin doesn’t pull any dirty tricks, mainly because he doesn’t have to, but also because it wouldn’t be satisfactory to him to win a fight with smoke and mirrors. I mean, yeah, he had a glock and spear and a sword and a lightning and every move you have, but at least he’s honest about it! Owls a dirty bitch, but he’s our dirty bitch and I can’t wait to beat him.

Doesn’t mean I’m any less frustrated at my own abilities…


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