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I almost died when i saw how many skill points i still need for the last one. So is there another grind spot better than the one i’m using?

After finishing the game i looked up what i still need for the platinum, and i figured i would start with all the skills, and after that i would start the game over for all the endings and whatnot. But grinding is somewhat boring and tedious. My location is uhm i think, Ashina staircase or something, where i kill those 5 red wearing enemies before resting and doing it all over. If anyone knows of a better place, please let me know. I mean i think it takes me like 10 to 15 min to reach one whole skill point, but i cannot do this for a long time cause it gets so repetitive… so yeah, a few months ago i started with that and i would get 3 or 4 skill points before stopping, and then only 2 and i don't even play the game for like a month or 2 before getting another skill point… for my second last one i needed 5 and i did it yesterday. There was only 1 skill left and it was locked. Did some research and found out i needed to buy it from the talking fish. I was like yes! I don't need to grind anymore, that's it. After buying i opened up skills and saw i need 9 fucking skills! 9 whole fucking skill points, nooooooooo! I really don't wanna do this. Where the fuck did yall grind these skills out, and what did you think of it, did you like it? I mean, i know i can just start replaying the game for the other trophys, but something in me just needs to get this done before doing that. I dunno, really need to make a decision here…

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