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I hate this game.

This is the worst game that I have ever played. There is nothing enjoyable about it at all, and there are so many stupid design decisions. I know, let's make a game where we know you are going to die a lot and then punish you every time that you do because death itself isn't punishment enough. Who the fuck thought that was a good mechanic? Plus, let's give the player a bunch of tools to use, but let's make them practically useless against any enemy you really need to use them against. Let's give even basic enemies the ability to do massive damage to the player, but make the player weapons do almost no damage in return. At the same time, let's not give the player any way that they can improve their abilities without forcing them to beat the enemies that they can't beat without improving their abilities. Seriously, in every other game in the series, if you are having trouble with a boss, you can go out and level your character, find a new weapon, upgrade your weapon, etc and then come back and fight them. This game doesn't allow you to do that because there are no fucking other weapons, no attributes, and no weapon upgrades.

I'm not even going to talk about the bullshit deflection mechanic. Seriously there are so many fucking bad decisions incorporated into the game.

And before anyone calls me a bad player, I have completed every other game in the series except for Demon's Souls (and that's only because I don't have a PS3). This game doesn't even deserve to be in the same series as the rest.

I can't believe I wasted my money on this fucking garbage.

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