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I have a problem with Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro caused it

Honestly I didn’t know which board to post this to so I’m posting to both but, here we are. Sekiro was my first souls-born game and DS3 came soon after.

Both have their merits I admit. (Having a chorus blasting in my ear during a DS3 BF gets me pumped). But, DS3 is a much more sluggish and less refined game compared to Sekiro.

Instead of highflying on a shinobi grappling hook and double jumping to rooftops trying to get the drop on a group of enemies. I’m marrying my way through villages, and castles with the agility of a watermelonwaiting to be ambushed by an enemy I could never see, with the ability to jump less than two feet (makes those platforming moments all the more difficult)

Finally, I felt the boss fights felt more based on skill (my personal opinion). Every attack could be countered one way or another and each kind of unblockable attack required a different method to counter, (mikiri, gumba stomp, dodging, etc). If I screwed up I knew it was my fault. For DS3 I felt like every BF could be handled the same way, rolling behind them and stabbing them in the butt until they’re dead. While trying to avoid AOE and lighting fast attacks using the small immunity frames given in rolling.

Like I said both games have their merit and I enjoy both games greatly but, I’m having a greater time in Sekiro. The closest comparison would probably be how DS3 players felt when they tried the original DS remaster.

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