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I love statistics, Sekiro Edition

Following this post on the Dark Souls 3 subreddit, I wanted to do the same thing for Sekiro and went to see the general statistics of Steam.

Let's start with the fact that 4.1% of those who bought the game didn't play it, or at least not long enough to have the very first achievement. That being said only 92.4% of people made it to the prosthetic which means that 3.5% stopped between retrieving Kusabimaru and having their arm cut by Genichiro. Another 3.3% seem to have stopped right after the tutorial as only 89.1% of players resurrected at least once. In total, that makes 10.9% of all players who stopped before the game really started.

And that's nothing compared to those who gave up precisely when the game started to become really challenging. Gyobu, the first real boss you're supposed to face has only been killed by 63.4% of players. To put it another way, of all of those who finished the tutorial (= who got the prosthetic), only 68.6% made it past the first boss. The Chained Ogre might be a bit responsible though, as he truly is the first wall encountered in the game.

A significant portion of players gave up shortly after Gyobu, as only 54.6% killed Lady Butterfly and 50.4% killed Genichiro. We can gather several things from those stats.

  1. The percentage loss between Lady Butterfly and Genichiro (4.2%) is not nearly as impressive as the one between between Gyobu and Lady Butterfly (8.8%), which makes me think that Lady Butterfly is the boss against which most people started to really understand how the game works.
  2. Genichiro being the point before which half the players gave up isn't really surprising considering he is the first 3 health bars boss.
  3. 79.5% of those who defeated Gyobu also defeated Genichiro, which also means that 20.5% of those who managed to defeat Gyobu gave up before or against Genichiro.

And because Genichiro holds this very special spot I find it interesting to compare him to the last boss, which I consider to be Sword Saint even if there's a twist I'll tell you about later. Sword Saint has been defeated by 32.3% of players, which means that 64% of those who defeated Genichiro defeated Sword Saint. I'd say "finished the game" but it wouldn't be accurate as it's possible to finish the game without killing Sword Saint and because of overlaps it's virtually impossible to know precisely how many people finished the game.

After Genichiro the game opens a bit and offers 3 different ways, 2 of which have a boss linked to an achievement. Folding Monkeys have been defeated by 46.9% of players and given the boss I think it's more likely than people gave up either in the zone before them or against Guardian Ape, which has been defeated by 44.8% of players.

Then there's another wall in the person of Great Shinobi Owl with a percentage loss of 4.4% compared to the previous boss, which is the highest since Gyobu. Unsurprisingly nearly all of those who defeated Great Shinobi Owl also defeated the Corrupted Monk: the percentage loss between them is 0.8%, the lowest of the game. To put it another way, 98% of those who defeated Great Shinobi Owl also defeated the Corrupted Monk.

Funnily enough, more people (38.6%) killed the Serpent than the Divine Dragon (38.1%) despite the Serpent being hidden and the Divine Dragon being one of the easiest boss in the game.

I was surprised to see that 27.2% of players killed Demon of Hatred, I was expecting a lower percentage considering the boss is completely optional, not easy to get to and extremely difficult. That being said he's not the boss with the lowest percentage. That honor goes to Isshin of the Shura ending with only 15.5%. Owl Father is between the two with a glorious 19.7%.

Without surprise the most common ending is Immortal Severance one with 24%. I like this stat because it means that out of all the players who killed Sword Saint 25.7% never did the most obvious ending and went for one with hidden cryptic pre-requisites. In the same spirit, the Purification ending is the lowest one with 14.2%, which means that 28% of the players who went out of their way to kill Owl Father never did the ending associated with it.

The best stats for the end: 7.2% of players have the Sekiro achievement, which is absolutely crazy. It means than 22.3% of those who finished the game did it 3 more times and did all the achievements in the process. The ratio is just insane, it really shows how passionate players are with this game. I mean, 11.3% of those who killed Gyobu made it to the platinum. Proportionally, it means that the ratio first boss to platinum of Sekiro is higher than the ratio last boss to platinum of Dark Souls 3 by 3.3%.

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