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I think it’s starting to click….

Look I know I’m flexing but Seven Ashina Spears was beating my ass to a pulp over the last three days and I spent an hour at him this morning and I finally beat him!! I came on here read some stuff and tried to control the flow of battle instead of just waiting for parties and fucking I killed him. Then I dropped down nearby and killed the Lone Shadow Ninja in two tries which was was big for me because I could like feel that I was better, like the second time I acted instead of reacted and I beat him, then I went through the rooftops which was hilarious and chaotic and fun as hell and I didn’t get a true death (had to resurrect a couple times still a new shinobi) then I jumped off that roof and killed the general at the gate without even using a resurrect! Then I took a break (just sort of strutting around the room you can clown me) and was like “Should I try Lady Butterfly I’m kind of on fire I should” and I went and beat her in two tries fucking hell! Sorry I’m high as shit and I was struggling so much with this game getting killed left and right but the dopamine rush of success was insane, I kept coming back for more and I really enjoyed being able to accomplish something hard-like I wanted to play this game because the world was so interesting to me and I wanted to be in and to be in it I had to be able to play this game. Long, long way to go that’ll probably be filled with frustration and rage but damn I’m really, finally enjoying myself, even when I’m getting beat.

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