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I thought I was prepared for Mist Noble. I was wrong.

>!I'm playing through the game for my first time, and I've tried my best to avoid spoilers. But I poke around on this subreddit because I like to read about the game, and I've seen several bosses mentioned.

Always, Mist Noble is spoken of in hushed tones of fear. I never read any details, but my dread for this boss fight was definitely real. In every thread, he was compared to the hardest boss fights as if they were all a joke compared to the torture of his encounter.

Well, I found him today. It seemed obvious that it had to be him playing the music in that creepy little shack surrounded by mist. I paused outside the hole in the roof the first time I realized it was him, and I actually recalled to come back later and fight him. I just wasn't ready for another brutal boss fight.

Well, when I finally worked up the gumption to tackle him, I was overjoyed to discover that I could sneak along the rafters and position myself for a deathblow.

But I was nervous, and I missed the deathblow! I panicked. Flatfooted with him turning slowly towards me, I spammed my regular attack, and miracle of miracles, he dropped like a rock!

Something had to be off, I thought. I must have caught him off-guard and interrupted his one hit combo. So I stood over his prostrate body and kept flailing madly with my sword.

He got up, and promptly fell over a second time, stone dead!

I couldn't believe it. I waited for his third form. I waited for an ambush of a hundred flaming monkeys that would kill me and cause me to howl at the sky.

It never came, and it dawned on me what had happened.

The Mist Noble was playing the long game. He had let me win the first round, so that the next time I faced him, I would be overconfident. So I'll train harder, and when I face him again, I'll be ready!!<

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