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I want to love this game but stuff like the mini-bosses having surrounding enemies irritate me to the point of wanting to never play it again

I’ve tried all post-Armored Core Miyazaki games (plus Dark Souls II). Didn’t really like any of them and never got close to beating them.

Sekiro is the only one I find to be genuinely fun because I love fast-paced combat.

However the mini-bosses are insanely fucking irritating because they all seem to have a bunch of enemies that need to be taken out beforehand. There was one mini-boss in the Ashina Outskirts(?) where it eventually was easy enough to take out all of the enemies in less than 2 minutes and without getting hit. It’s still annoying as fuck, though, and I’d rather not have to waste the time killing the enemies again.

With the Misen fight in particular, I just lose motivation every time I die (Yes I have the Mikiri counter). There seems to be no way of not alerting surrounding enemies. From my experience, and from some vids I’ve seen online, the only way to deal with the enemies surrounding Misen is to kill 1 or 2 of them and then run back and hide until they’re no longer alerted, and to rinse and repeat that 1-2 more times. THEN you can focus on Misen. By the time I get to focus on Misen I just think “omfg I don’t want to have to go through that again,” and then die because I feel like the hit box with the spear is weird (and unless I wasn’t paying attention I don’t know where I’d be able to practice on spear wielding enemies. Sadly I find the tutorial guy to be utterly useless now).

I’m sorry but that’s fucking annoying, and it just makes the game feel hella cheap.

But maybe I need to accept this and just not play it because I’m sure there’s going to be examples of situations in the future that I would find FAR cheaper/annoying.

Unless I’m misunderstanding something about the set up of the enemies surrounding Misen?

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