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Just finished the game. Some quick thoughts.

Demon of Hatred is the worst boss in the game.

The combat in this game is absolutely phenomenal. From Soft really got a winning formula on their hands. This makes SoulsBourne combat look like an anachronism. I can't express enough how good the combat is.

I wasn't a big fan of exploring in this game. I personally do not like exploring all that much, but it sucked big time in this game when the rewards were crappy expendable items that I would probably never end up using.

I think Spirit Emblems needing to be farmed was a bad idea as well. I get that they wanted to limit your use and make you think about when to actually use them, but I feel like resetting them every time you rest while making bosses more resistant against them would be a better alternative.

Still, it's probably the best single player game I have ever played in my life. The areas, the sword play, the Guardian ape flinging his shit at me, Isshin pulling out a glock, all the little extra quests you could do if you wanted. Just amazing.

Quick question; I want to fight Owl (Father). Would it be better to do in NG+ or start a new game and try and tackle him over there?

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