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My return to this game is depressing

I've been away from this game for a while now (no real reason I've just been playing other games) and now I've returned to finish getting all of the achievements. I came back to the Demon of Hatred and I'm in that 'endgame' world state where everyone at the Dilapidated Temple is gone and the entire Ashina Outskirts is in flames and it hit me how depressing this part of the game is

I had an attempt at the Demon of Hatred before – very quickly – getting my ass kicked. I sat and gawked at the new stuff they added back in October I believe it was, and then returned to the Dilapidated Temple to see which prosthetic upgrades I was missing for the achievement. I realised the immortal guy was gone since I allowed him to finally die, so I just kept practicing the controls and different skills in that arena area on my own, then had a pop over to the main temple. I just kinda stumbled in and looked at some of the messages on the floor which made me crack a smile, but I wasn't welcomed by the Sculptor as I was hoping

Okay, missing two upgrades and need some lapis lazuli, but first I'm going to go and do some parkour to get used to the free running mechanics. I make my way past the idol and… the first branch you grapple onto has been burnt off. The sadness I felt during my first playthrough has now fully set in and I turn off the game as it's 2am

Goddamn I absolutely adore this game

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