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OWL (Father) CHEESE First Phase

Hi everyone,

I have used reddit so many times over the years but have never posted anything myself. I have been indebted to so many users over the years for tips and strategies and I think I finally stumbled upon my own strategy worth posting.

As far as I have seen, the general consensus for Owl (father) is that there is no way to cheese him. However, I discovered that you can shuriken him from the entrance to the room without drawing any agro. The strategy is as follows:

  1. Use Ceremonial Tanto to gain an additional 5 spirit emblems
  2. Heal using gourd
  3. Use charged shuriken throws (Lazulite works best) at Owl from the arena entrance
  4. Use 3 charged throws of Lazulite Shuriken at a time (costs 6 emblems)
  5. Repeat steps 1-4

I would utilize this strategy until I had used 6 healing gourds and then I could essentially one-shot Owl for his first phase. I would also typically have 10 spirit emblems (from 20) left to employ firecrackers during his second phase. You could utilize more emblems to save a couple of healing gourds if you weren't planning on using them during phase 2.

I understand this may not be a cheese per se, because you have to trade some healing gourds, but being able to consistently enter phase 2 of the fight without any real effort seemed post-worthy to me. I hope this helps!

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