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Part 3 of my expanded idea for a Genichiro dlc

After reaching the divine realm, he heads towards the palace. The corrupted monk allows Genichiro save passage sine he was Tomoe’s student so he is doesn't fight her.

Once he reaches the palace the okami warriors at first aren’t hostile but they refuse to allow Genichiro into the palace as they have been ordered to protect the black mortal blade so he must fight through them. As for the palace itself, it is much larger than the main game and it is massive in size with several floors that Genichrio must explore to find the black mortal blade.

After reaching the top of the palace, Genichiro obtains the black blade but he is confronted by Tomoe who tries to talk Genichiro down from trying to save ashina and how it isn’t worth losing his humanity or its people and that the dragons heritage corrupts those who have it and to instead give her the black mortal blade and leave the divine realm to save the people of ashina. This would then give the player a choice determining which ending is gained and it is somewhat like what happens in bloodborne.

Acceptance/good ending

Genichiro, now realizing how blind he was to saving ashina accepts Tomoe’s offer leaving behind the black mortal blade. When he returns to the ashina outskirts he meets with several ashina generals who tell him the interior ministry are readying their final assault on ashina. Genichiro knowing the ministry will overwhelm ashina’s forces and there’s no hope of beating them starts to evacuate ashina to escape from the ministry.

Before the evacuation begins, the interior ministry sends in a group of lone shadows and a high ranking general who serves as the final boss of this ending. The general is acts similar to sword saint Isshin where has a giant spear weapon and has several powerful fire attacks and will sometimes toss several explosive weapons at Genichiro and is a 3 phase fight and acts as the final boss but Genichiro has several seven spears of ashina at his side to help him in this battle making it easier so the player doesn’t need to worry about the lone shadows.

After the general is defeated the evacuation begins then the screen then fades to black before the narrator says that most of the people of ashina were saved and they all manage to flee from the ministry and now they are searching for a new homeland then the credits roll.

Unfortunately this ending would be non canon as we already know what Genichiro chooses to do and not every hero gets a happy ending so this serves as what could have been had Genichiro made the right choice.

Refusal/bad ending

Refusing to listen to her, Genichiro fights his mentor Tomoe who acts similar to the divine dragon where the fight has an awesome cinematic feel to it though it isn’t easy. At the start of the battle. After landing the second finisher move, a cutscene happens where Tomoe would unleash her true potential which at first overwhelms Geichiro who then ditches his armor like he did in his fight against Wolf which would give him lightning attacks though even with this power Tomoe is still a formidable foe.

Similar to Owl, Tomoe has several stronger versions of Genichiro’s moves and is a 3 phase fight with the battle getting more destructive as it goes on. After each deathblow/finisher a massive bolt of lightning strikes the ground Genichiro and Tomoe are fighting in and it destroys several parts of the palace and it slowly sinks into the water below acting as a spectacular set piece for this final battle between a student and their mentor.

After winning, Genichiro apologizes to Tomoe and how he must save ashina no matter the price. Genichiro then returns to the ashina border base.

Genichrio then finds it has been overrun with red guard troops and after fighting his way through several of them he sees the demon of hatred in the distance fighting with the ministry's forces. Deciding that the demon will buy him time fighting against them, Genichiro continues through the ashina border to return to the castle but then would have to face the final boss of the story, the high general member of the interior ministry. However unlike the acceptance/good ending Genichiro has no support this time so he must fight the general and lone shadows alone. After winning and using up all his items, Genichiro returns to the flower field and runs into Kuro and the game would fade to black as we already know what will happen next.

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